VTech Communications Vtech CS6429-4 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

VTech Communications Vtech CS6429-4 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information - CS6429-4_QuickStart_V9.pdf

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Battery installation and charging

Set number of rings

Install the battery as shown below. Once you have installed the battery, you may be able to make and receive short calls. For best performance, charge the handset battery continuously for at least 10 hours.

You can set the answering system to answer an incoming call after 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 rings; or toll saver. If you choose toll saver, the answering system answers a call after 2 rings when you have new messages, or after 4 rings when you have no new messages. 1. Press MENU when the handset is not in use. 2. Scroll to >ANSWERING SYS then press SELECT. 3. Scroll to >ANS SYS SETUP then press SELECT. 4. Scroll to ># OF RINGS then press SELECT. 5. Press or to choose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or TOLL SAVER and then press SELECT.

1 Plug the battery connector

Quick start guide

securely into the socket.

CS6428-2/CS6429/CS6429-15/CS6429-16/ CS6429-2/CS6429-3/CS6429-4/CS6429-5

2 Place the battery with the label

THIS SIDE UP facing up and the wires inside the battery compartment.

Introduction This quick start guide provides you with basic installation and setup instructions. A limited set of features are described in abbreviated form.

Record your own announcement

You may refer to the Abridged user’s manual provided in the product package for installation and operation instructions, or see the online Complete user’s manual at www.vtechphones.com for complete installation and operation instructions.

Telephone base and charger installation Install the telephone base and charger as shown below. Telephone base power adapter

3 Slide the battery compartment

cover towards the center of the handset until it clicks into place.

Telephone wall jack

base or charger to charge.

CHARGE light remains on when charging.

A DSL filter (not included) is required if you have DSL highspeed Internet service.

Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch

4 Place the handset in the telephone

Rewiring of telephone line for cable/VoIP service users

The DSL filter must be plugged into the telephone wall jack.

If you have changed to cable/VoIP service through a modem/router/terminal adapter to establish telephone connection, the existing telephone jacks in your home may no longer work. Your cable/VoIP service provider uses a seperate cable connecting from the main line to the modem installed in your home. To allow all existing telephone jacks to work, rewiring of the telephone line (as indicated by the dotted line in the illustration below) may be needed. Rewiring requires professional installation (fees may apply). Contact your cable/VoIP service provider for more information.

Telephone line cord

IMPORTANT: Check for a dial tone by pressing is successful.

. If you hear a dial tone, the installation

If you do not hear a dial tone: Telephone base

Charger adapter

Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch

You can use the preset announcement to answer calls, or replace it with your own recorded announcement. The announcement can be up to 90 seconds in length. 1. Press MENU when the handset is not in use. 2. Scroll to >ANSWERING SYS then press SELECT twice. 3. The handset announces, “To play, press 2. To record, press 7.” Press 7 to record. 4. The handset announces, “Record after the tone. Press 5 when you are done.” After the tone, speak towards the handset microphone. Press 5 when done. 5. The answering system automatically plays back the newly recorded announcement. Press 5 to stop the playback at any time; 2 to replay the recorded announcement; 3 to delete the recorded announcement; or 7 to record again if desired.


• Make sure the installation procedures described above are properly done. • It may be a wiring problem. If you have changed your telephone service to digital service from a cable company or a VoIP service provider, the telephone line may need to be rewired to allow all existing telephone jacks to work. Refer to Rewiring of telephone line for cable/VoIP service users for more information.

Main landline

Enter the handset menu


1. Press MENU when the telephone